A Charter Given - A Barony Founded

Sarenith 21 to Lamashan 17

The party’s hard work has paid off. The Lord Mayor’s barrister Breland Weis comes to the party as they are sorting through the Stag Lord’s fort and their captives. A new member joins the party, Magdalena Vandrammel, a priest of Desna apparently blessed with Desna’s luck. At the end of Sarenith the party decides that Bartleby Hungwell will be the best suited for the role of Baron and Breland Weis confirms upon him the title of Baron and The Right to Rule from the Sword Lords.

After a day of rest and preparation, the party and the 250 new settlers head to the Tuskwater to start their new city. A couple of months of hard work with the aid of the Dwarven builder Durin Stronghand and the small town of Tuskwater is founded, the capital city of the new Barony of Olau. Within months the population of the new barony swelled to almost 2000 citizens, many of them bearing maps apparently sold by the barrister Breland Weis or a mapmaker he partnered with.

While the demands of the new kingdom were many the party did not want to waste the entire summer and so after a few months they spent some time exploring several of the hexes to the west and north of the city. Their adventure resulted in two slain Tatzylwyrms which had caused Loy Resbin and his wife Laticia some problems and the death of Tuskgutter, an infamous boar who had killed or maimed his share of settlers in the Greenbelt. The party also found the body of a dead unicorn which was missing its horn and bore no mark of injury. While its death remained a mystery the party worked with Jhod Kavken and Akiros Ismart to have the body buried near the temple of Erastil.

The party also made friends with a maimed boggard named Garuum and his slurk mount Ubagub. Language was a problem as Garuum’s common vocabulary included less than 10 words but Magda used magic to help communicate with him. The party enjoyed his company and Bartleby arranged for some markers to be placed around his “kingdom” to ensure that those who might come to populate the small town that Loy Rezbin wanted to found would not cause him any problems.

After their adventure the party returned to their new capital of Tuskwater and attended to its administration.



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