The Beginning : Oleg's Trading Post

The party was brought together at the Lord Mayor’s office in Restov. Each was seeking adventure, fame, and fortune. A paladin, Alexander Rosensphere, a cleric, Sune Firehair, a bard, Bartelby Hungwell, a ranger, Surak, and a wizard, Lanis Gares, comprised the five brave souls willing to explore, map, and conquer the region of the Stolen Lands, known as the Greenbelt. Each was given the The Lord Mayor’s Charter which outlined where they could explore and their charge to rid the territories they explored of bandits and other problems.

One of the Swordlords and the band’s sponsor, Lord Dagon Tyranth, addressed the group and reinforced the words of the Lord Mayor. He then introduced the harrower, Isabella, to the group who proceeded to read the cards to provide some insight into the band’s fate and whether fortune would bode well for their adventure. Her reading seemed to strike a chord with several of the members in the party.

The next day the party met at the Lord Mayor’s and began the journey to Oleg’s Trading Post. The road headed due west and their journey passed through a couple of small towns before reaching the trading post. It was an old fort, long abandoned, but recently occupied by Oleg and his wife Svetlana and turned into a trading post. Oleg was upset at first that the adventurers were not guards sent from Restov to help protect the new trading post from bandits. Several bandits had been coming regularly to the trading post and robbing all the trade goods that Oleg had accumulate in trade from trappers in the Greenbelt. After learning the details of the bandit raids, the party decided to set an ambush for them before their next visit which, by chance, was the very next day.



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