Alexander Rosensphere

Tan skin and attractive white hair. However, people can be put off by the way he sometimes looks through you.


HP: 12
AC: 16
Fort+6 Ref+1 Will+5
Str:16(3); Dex:9(-1); Con:14(2); Int:12(1); Wis 16(3); Cha:18(4)

Warhammer+4 (1d8+3)


For being a paladin, Alexander is quiet, reserved, and possibly shy. He is about promoting his deity, but he does not come across like a typical paladin. Though attractive and personable, Alexander will often stare right though others.

Tan skin and attractive White hair with a black streak. He could have a winning smile if he seemed to care. Alexander is not extremely graceful. He tends to move with stiffness in his joints.

Alexander’s surrogate father left some money behind after his death for Alexander.

Prior to leaving with the charter:

Alexander Rosensphere

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