Nejima Silverwick Hundeweil

A gnome aristocrat/bard who married Duke Bartleby Hundiwell


Nejima has a pleasant voice, is a good dancer, and is obsessed with books and is a fine book binder. She owns a fine darkwood, composite shortbow and seems proficient with it and she enjoys fencing from time to time. She is very attractive and equally confident in her abilities and skills. She is always willing to offer advice but does not offer it when it is not asked for. She stands 3’ 3" tall and weighs 35 pounds. Her hair is a bright green color, her eyes are a deep violet, and her skin lightly tanned. Her eyes can be a bit disarming the first time a non-Gnome looks upon them.


Nejima Silverwick is from an aristrocratic family from Port Ice in Issia/Brevoy. She has been trained in the ways of court and the management of a household. She grew bored with court however and did some adventuring for a time until her family summoned her back home. Her family had received a missive from Bartleby’s mother informing them that her son Bartleby was seeking a bride and felt that a marriage with the new Duke of Olau would be politically advantageous. Nejima came to Olau reluctantly but found Bartleby both attractive and interesting. She did her best to impress the Duke and was chosen by Bartleby as his new bride.

She presented Bartleby with two bound books on their wedding day both of which she bound personally for him. One was a copy of “Melodies of Inner Beauty” a prayer book of Shelyn, which consists mostly of songs and hymns of love and beauty. The other was a copy of “A History of the River Kingdoms” by the famous Gnomish historian Alistar Thimblewite.

Nejima Silverwick Hundeweil

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