Rashanna Talawen

Elven Huntress and Hater of Trolls


Rashanna is a tall, slender elven hunter from Kyonin. She stands about 6’ 1" and weighs about 117 pounds. She is at home in the forests and serves as a scout and hunter for the elves restoring the elven castle in the Gnarlmarches. She is very good with the bow, rapier, and shortsword. Since her capture and near death at the hands of the trolls she has developed a great enmity for trolls and all other giant humanoids.

She was attracted to Lanis the first time she met him but has grown closer since he helped rescue her from the trolls.

Since her rescue she has gained an owl animal companion which she named Olau after the new Duchy she now considers her homeland.


Rashanna Talawen

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