A Charter Given - A Barony Founded

Sarenith 21 to Lamashan 17

The party’s hard work has paid off. The Lord Mayor’s barrister Breland Weis comes to the party as they are sorting through the Stag Lord’s fort and their captives. A new member joins the party, Magdalena Vandrammel, a priest of Desna apparently blessed with Desna’s luck. At the end of Sarenith the party decides that Bartleby Hungwell will be the best suited for the role of Baron and Breland Weis confirms upon him the title of Baron and The Right to Rule from the Sword Lords.

After a day of rest and preparation, the party and the 250 new settlers head to the Tuskwater to start their new city. A couple of months of hard work with the aid of the Dwarven builder Durin Stronghand and the small town of Tuskwater is founded, the capital city of the new Barony of Olau. Within months the population of the new barony swelled to almost 2000 citizens, many of them bearing maps apparently sold by the barrister Breland Weis or a mapmaker he partnered with.

While the demands of the new kingdom were many the party did not want to waste the entire summer and so after a few months they spent some time exploring several of the hexes to the west and north of the city. Their adventure resulted in two slain Tatzylwyrms which had caused Loy Resbin and his wife Laticia some problems and the death of Tuskgutter, an infamous boar who had killed or maimed his share of settlers in the Greenbelt. The party also found the body of a dead unicorn which was missing its horn and bore no mark of injury. While its death remained a mystery the party worked with Jhod Kavken and Akiros Ismart to have the body buried near the temple of Erastil.

The party also made friends with a maimed boggard named Garuum and his slurk mount Ubagub. Language was a problem as Garuum’s common vocabulary included less than 10 words but Magda used magic to help communicate with him. The party enjoyed his company and Bartleby arranged for some markers to be placed around his “kingdom” to ensure that those who might come to populate the small town that Loy Rezbin wanted to found would not cause him any problems.

After their adventure the party returned to their new capital of Tuskwater and attended to its administration.

Stag Lord's Fort - The Aftermath

The Stag Lord’s Fort
Ground Level

Stag lords fort ground level

After the battle, a search of the fort reveals the following. Color text describing rooms is in blue font.

Z1. The Yard
A small, dusty yard separates the palisade from the inner structures. The ground here is of hard-packed barren earth. Dozens of barrels lie stacked against the inner wall of the palisade, each with a wooden or metal bucket sitting nearby.

All of the barrels have drinking water stored in them. 2 horses are stabled under the larger tower at Z3a.

Top Level

Stag lords fort upper level

Z4. Central Tower
At the center of the ruins, thick stone walls surround a cracked and crumbling platform of heavy stone. Huge chunks of the roof collapsed long ago, shattering into the rooms below. Sediment collects in cracks and along corners of the remaining roof, sprouting tiny blades of grass and rivulets of moss. A bedroll on a pile of straw sits in the center of the platform, a small collection of toy knights and dragons surrounding it.

This is Auchs “room”. The toy knights and dragons are his and have some value.

Z5. Central Room
The edges of this drafty room are crammed with crates, barrels, and boxes. Hammocks strung on wooden posts denote sleeping areas, while dirty bowls and utensils rest atop rickety and makeshift furniture. Elsewhere, chamber pots sit tucked into corners, while a large iron gate is wedged into a ten-foot-wide gap in the western wall. Chips of ancient plaster flake from the walls, exposing the stone construction; whatever plaster still clings to stonework is covered with strange and erratic scribbles and pictographs. The floor consists only of hard-packed earth.

There is evidence of some half-eaten food in this room and some cards spilled upon the floor mixed in with all the blood spilled in this room during your combat. There is nothing else of interest in this room.

Z6. Owlbear Pen
This room is little more than an atrocious-smelling cave dug out of a pile of rubble. Large bloody bones, likely from horses or elk, lie scattered on the ground.

Anyone interested in searching through owlbear feces? The only thing readily discernable in this room is the smell.

Z7. Storage Room
This long room contains a large number of crates, bags, salvaged lumber, and food. A cot lies amid the stored goods, a small lantern sitting on a nearby crate.

A search of this room reveals the following:
Some very mundane goods including some grains, dry goods, firewood, basic tools, and dried meat.

Beside the small lantern on the crate lies a small journal.

Z8. Stag Lord’s Barracks
Thick layers of animal hides insulate this room’s walls. In one corner rests a ragged bed draped with threadbare silks and thick furs. On the floor, three stout chests serve as furniture, cluttered with empty liquor bottles. A few more bottles lie scattered about the floor, leaving the room reeking of stale alcohol.

A search of this area reveals the following:

Two of the chests hold bedding and other miscellaneous items, including a bolt of burlap cloth, old clothing, an iron ring, and three crudely stitched leather masks.

The third chest contains the Stag Lord’s treasures.
141 GP
9 GP polished azurite crystal
80 GP carnelian
13 GP hematite
14 GP obsidian shard
100 GP red garnet
30 GP pewter belt buckle with 2 entwined succubi
60 GP silver charm bracelet

Z9. Armory
Though ruined walls still separate this area from the other rooms, most of the ceiling has collapsed. The only remaining bit of roof covers the inside corner. Hides strung from a wooden frame partition this corner off, creating a dry storage area.

A search of this area finds 3 unlocked crates which contains the following items:
10 longbows
400 arrows
5 shortswords
5 spears
4 50’ lengths of hemp rope
4 suits of leather armor
A set of chisels
2 work hammers
3 tins of iron nails

Z10. Pig Roast Room
A shallow, stone-lined cooking pit containing ash and partially burnt logs sits in this rubble-filled room.

Lanis and/or Surak noticed that a large slab of wood near the inner wall that covers an opening in the ground. The group has not lifted this cover and discovered what lies beneath it yet.

After rounding up the bandits, taking items from the dead bandits and an inventory of the living bandits, you find the following.

Dead Bandits and their belongings:

Dirty Jeb Megesen and Fat Norry

2 suits of leather armor, 2 longbows, 40 arrows, 2 shortswords, and 20 GP 116 GP

Dirty Jeb has a stench to him as if he doesn’t bathe very often.

Fat Norry is definitely overweight and does not look as thin and undernourished like some of the other bandits do.

The Stag Lord
2 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
Leather armor +1
Composite longbow +1 ( plus 1 STR)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Stag’s Helm
Masterwork longsword

When the Stag Lord’s helm is removed by Surak, everyone can see that he is horribly disfigured. Those with a decent healing bonus can tell that his face, shoulders, arms, and much of his torso have been burned. Sune is able to tell you that the burns are from acid and that some of the burns are old. It is possible she tells you that they even occurred when he was a child.

Every one of the bandits will tell you that the Stag Lord drank most of the time anymore and many will tell you that he had a cruel streak.

Living Bandits and their belongings:

Ayles Megesen – charmed by Bartleby and surrendered. He seems to be soft spoken and fairly calm. Refers to Bartleby as Master Hungwell. He will tell the group that his brother was Dirty Jeb but he does not seem too heartbroken that his brother his dead. Instead he seems to curse his brother’s lack of skill and ability to stay alive. “He never was good at fighting, even when he fought dirty. Now I won’t have to always pull his carcass from the boiling pot. Pa always said he wouldn’t amount to nothing. Now he’s just going to be worm food, unless we bury him in the zombie field.”

Falgrim Sneed – Surrendered and wanted by Kesten Garess, one of the company’s quests. An older Varisian with graying hair and an unruly beard. He seems rather calm even while wounded and captured. He only chuckles when the party mentions Kesten and the fact that he is wanted. “Kesten was always a fool. Fell in love with a weaver’s daughter and embarrassed his family. So he thinks turning me in will win him some favor eh? May Pharasma take his soul before he gets me to Restov.”

Jex the Snitch – charmed by Bartleby and surrendered. Seems a bit restless and eyes his surviving bandit brethren with furtive looks. Tries to get the attention of anyone in the party who will listen and ask to speak in private. He especially seems to be trying to curry favor with Bartleby. “Masta Bartleby. I can be of service to ye. I have infermation you might need. I hear things you see. Things that others don’t think I hear. I know secrets and can tell them all to you and . . . to your brave friends.”

Cragger Kench – fell in battle but was healed by Sune’s channeling. A bit slow and a dim-witted fellow who does what he his told. Jex volunteers that he is slow because the Stag Lord beat him senseless for drinking one of his bottles of liquor. He doesn’t have much to offer as far as information. He gives his name and offers help. “Cragger can stand guard for you cap’n. Cragger can watch for enemies and give you warnin and if you need Cragger to beat or question someone, Cragger’s your man cap’n. Cragger’s your man!” When Jex goes off to talk to anyone privately, he laughs hysterically and hollers, “Jex the Snitch. Jex the Snitch. He tells the Stag Lord stories! Get’s Cragger beaten! Get’s Cragger beaten… tells the Stag Lord stories. Cragger never drinks the Stag Lords brew…. Never any more…..” Then Cragger seems to slip off into his own memories.

Topper Red – fell in battle but was healed by Sune’s channeling. A slightly nervous fellow but once talked to he seems more talkative and educated then some of the others. It does not take much prodding for him to tell the group that he got into some trouble in Pitax after wooing the wrong woman and had to flee that city. He then fell in with the Stag Lord thinking that the bandit’s life might be quite an adventure and even romantic. He thought it might involve a lot of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor but it turned out a bit more bloody and gruesome then he expected.

Each has leather armor, longbow, 20 arrows, a shortsword, and 10 GP (58 GP per bandit if you strip them of all goods)

Auchs – wounded but healthier than most
Leather armor
Silver Stag Lord Amulet (20 GP)
Knight and dragon toys (45 GP)
2 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
1 potion of Lesser Restoration

Auchs seems to attach himself to Lanis and tries following him everywhere unless Lanis tells him to stay somewhere. He asks Master Lanis if he is going to be the new Stag Lord and if there is anything that he can do. His speech is difficult to follow and he has a very limited vocabulary. If Lanis does tell Auchs to stay in one place, he asks if he can have his “soljas and draguns to play with.”

Dovan – fell in battle but was healed by Sune’s channeling
Masterwork studded leather
Rapier +1
3 daggers
Silver Stag Lord Amulet (20 GP)
Turquoise earrings (130 GP)
28 GP
2 PP

Dovan has visible tattoos and it is apparent that he was one of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants. He was the one who opened the gate that held the owlbear in. He has dark hair and is rather thin and wiry. He looks dangerous however and he is someone any of you would not want to turn your back on. He does not talk much except to ask what the party intends to do with him.

Akiros Ismart – fell in battle, Alex is sure he must have died during battle, but he is awake but staggered.

Masterwork chainmail
Longsword +1
Composite longbow ( plus 2 STR)
3 +1 magical beast bane arrows
Silver holy symbol of Erastil (25 GP)
Silver Stag Lord Amulet (20 GP)
1 potion of Cure Light Wounds
1 potion of Cure Light Wounds but which seems drained of magic, yet the stopper is still on the potion, the liquid is still inside, but the magic is fainter then the other potion and fades more as you concentrate on it.

Akiros even in his haggard condition is a rather handsome man. While not as handsome as Alex he still would be able to turn the head of most women. He does not speak much. When Dovan asks what the party intends to do with Dovan, he does offer, “They should execute us all per the King’s decree. Behead us like the knight there did once before. You and I do not deserve to live!” Other than that he does not speak much but seems lost in his own thoughts or perhaps he is simply dazed from his wounds.

Jex, Cragger, and Topper react to Akiros’s words of execution quite nervously. Falgrim and Ayles don’t change their demeanor at all and just stare glumly off in the distance. Dovan glares at Akiros with a look of hate in his eyes. Auchs just plays with his toys.

The Beginning : Oleg's Trading Post

The party was brought together at the Lord Mayor’s office in Restov. Each was seeking adventure, fame, and fortune. A paladin, Alexander Rosensphere, a cleric, Sune Firehair, a bard, Bartelby Hungwell, a ranger, Surak, and a wizard, Lanis Gares, comprised the five brave souls willing to explore, map, and conquer the region of the Stolen Lands, known as the Greenbelt. Each was given the The Lord Mayor’s Charter which outlined where they could explore and their charge to rid the territories they explored of bandits and other problems.

One of the Swordlords and the band’s sponsor, Lord Dagon Tyranth, addressed the group and reinforced the words of the Lord Mayor. He then introduced the harrower, Isabella, to the group who proceeded to read the cards to provide some insight into the band’s fate and whether fortune would bode well for their adventure. Her reading seemed to strike a chord with several of the members in the party.

The next day the party met at the Lord Mayor’s and began the journey to Oleg’s Trading Post. The road headed due west and their journey passed through a couple of small towns before reaching the trading post. It was an old fort, long abandoned, but recently occupied by Oleg and his wife Svetlana and turned into a trading post. Oleg was upset at first that the adventurers were not guards sent from Restov to help protect the new trading post from bandits. Several bandits had been coming regularly to the trading post and robbing all the trade goods that Oleg had accumulate in trade from trappers in the Greenbelt. After learning the details of the bandit raids, the party decided to set an ambush for them before their next visit which, by chance, was the very next day.

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