Calistril 21st

Of Husbands and Hurry

It appears that Martin has found out about the time I’ve been spending with his wife, Clarissa. I, of course, deduced this from the fact that he accused me of sleeping with her as he and four of his dearest friends beat the tar out of me. I take no offense to being beaten by a cuckolded husband, I just wish that he had, in fact, been cuckolded.

Wellesley suggested I lay low for a few days and my black and blue face and I agree with him. He believes he can get me into an expedition into the Stolenlands, which would be helpful because I’m running out of cities. Hopefully, a few weeks in the forest will give things a chance to blow over.

I’ll miss Clarissa’s sky blue eyes and soft lips.

Calistril 21st

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