Beginning characters should choose feats from the Pathfinder rule books. There are plenty of great feats within the core rule book. However, I know as your character develops, you may want to select feats from other books. You will be allowed to select feats from other rulebooks beginning at third level under the following conditions.

  1. You must give me information about the feat you wish to select before you level up your character. The information needed must include:
    • The Feat
    • The Book it appears in and the page number.
    • The full write up of the feat if I don’t already have the book it is contained in.
  2. I will either approve, deny, or modify the feat.
  3. The approved or modified version of the feat will be posted on the campaign website.

12/22/2011 With the release of the Advanced Player Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, multiple campaign books, I see no real need to look for feats outside of the Pathfinder books.

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