Landmarks are sites that of great pride, mystery, and wonder. They serve well to bolster a kingdom’s morale. A landmark hex increases a kingdom’s loyalty by 1.

The following hexes already explored by the party are landmark hexes.

Hex Significance Game Date Claimed
GB 7-5 The Stag Lord’s Fort, now the capital city of Tuskwater. Erastus 4708
GB 4-2 Hot Springs at the source of the Skunk River Sarenith 4711
GB 4-3 Temple of the Elk Desnus 4711
GB 5-2 Statue of Erastil
GB 7-7 The Lonely Barrow Lamashan 4711
NH 3-2 The Crooked Falls
NH 4-1 Shrike Cascades Sarenith 4712
NH 6-2 Talon Peak

GB = Greenbelt
NH = Nomen Heights
HS = Hooktongue Slough



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