Leadership Feat – House Rules

Player’s must get permission from me to take the leadership feat and should follow these guidelines.

  • Player should get approval of the race, class, and alignment from me before creating the cohort.
  • Cohort starts with Heroic NPC stats – 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
  • Apply those scores to the cohort in any order you choose.
  • Apply racial modifiers and bonuses for levels next.
  • Use Table 14:9 on page 454 of the Pathfinder RPG to determine cohort wealth and appropriate quantities to spend on magic and mundane items. An example is shown below.
  • Magic items which exceed the limits on Table 14:9 must be approved by me.
  • Unusual cohort selections should have a good back story as to why they would wish to follow the PC.
  • Player should also ask for the approved Leadership score from me to properly determine the nuber of other followers.

Example Wealth from Table 14-9:
9th Level Heroic NPC

Category GP
Weapons 3500
Protection 3000
Magic 2000
Limited Use 1050
Gear 500
Total GP Value 10050

See page 453-454 of the Patherfinder RPG for more details.

Players should remember that cohorts and followers are NPCs. While 90% of the time, the player will have full control of their cohort and followers, they are not cannon fodder or robots, and they could refuse to do what is asked of them (at my discretion.) Putting them in danger constantly, taking the feat because you are bored with your character, or using them to try and get skills and abilities your PC does not have just for game mechanic purposess or to game the system or adventure path, are not what I consider appropriate reasons to take the feat. It is one of the most powerful feats in the book and you should always take into account not just your feelings but the feelings of the DM and the other players.

House rule for consideration: Since adventure paths are typically designed for 4 players, adding 2 to 3 cohorts to a party can imbalance the game and make things too easy for the players. Therefore a limit of X players in the party each adventure might be appropriate. This might mean that some cohorts might need to stay home taking care of local business that is just as important.


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