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Cerenith 4709

Dear Family

My apologies for not writing home sooner, it has been a very busy year. We have founded a city (see map I have included, made by our baron actually and not a bad job he did either) called Tuskwater on the remnants of the Stag Lords Fort. The population has expanded greatly and we have organized and built many buildings, farms and explored much of the area on the map and met many interesting people. There was Helga the swamp witch, who I think may be a hag (see sketch included) and also came across a lizard man camp where there was will o’wisp. The adventuring has been fun and I have acquired some new scars and some new spells. I managed to make the fireball spell work now and have picked up wand making.
-The most amazing thing happened to Singe my toad. He seems to have turned into some sort of fire elemental toad creature, and he can talk to me now. Although it seems to make people think I am crazy when I talk to him, anyway….
-Have I told you about Alex the paladin who is now our general? He claims he was once an undead, a ghoul I think he said, and was restored by his god to be a Paladin. Uncle Lazlo, maybe you have head of things such as this? It seems to be very powerful magic’s, and I know, I know, Holy Magic, shut up Lanis, but still the complexity in the magic required to reanimate a undead into a fully living create is amazing. O, and thanks to Uncle Lazlo for the box of potions, they have been helpful for both me and my friends. O, also, the werewolf was afflicted and we managed to get him cured and sent him on his way.
-I have kept up my skills with metal, armor and arms crafting father. I have included a Mithril chain shirt, a well made (my my thinking) long sword and a shield. I would love some feedback and thoughts on the quality and construction of the set.
-I have also included a wand of prestidigitation for mother and sister as a present. I think they will be able to find use for, and I would also enjoy some feedback. I have also managed to produce a rather power wand of magic missiles which seems to work well.

Anyway, if I have forgotten anything, will have to write more next time. All my love,


Letters Home

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