Resources include particularly valuable sources of lumber, metal, gems, food, or the like. A resource hex increases a kingdom’s Economy by 1.

The following hexes already explored by the party are resource hexes.

Hex Significance Game Date Claimed
GB 4-5 Kamelands, Abandoned Gold Mine Neth 4708
GB 6-6 Kamelands, Sootscale Silver Mine Calistril 4710
GB 7-3 Narlmarches, Coachwood Trees Abadius 4712
GB 9-5 Mud Bowl, Rare Mushrooms and Fungus Sarenith 4710
NH 8-2 Silverstep Lake, Silver Eels
NH 10-2 Whispering Grotto, Precious Gems

GB = Greenbelt
NH = Nomen Heights
HS = Hooktongue Slough



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