Blood for Blood

The most powerful boggard tribe in the swamp has found a strange new god to worship.

A tribe of strange, intelligent insects known as bog striders live in the swamp. They’re said to be at war with the much more prolific boggards.

Old Hooktongue, the lake monster, hasn’t been sighted in many years—maybe he died?

People say the black dragon Ilthuliak has returned to the Stolen Lands and has recently moved into Hooktongue Slough.

An old but dangerous saber-toothed tiger called Speartooth lives somewhere in the hills north of the swamp. Baron Drelev hired some sort of hard-case hunter to seek the tiger out and kill it, but the tiger must have eaten him since no one’s heard of the hunter since.

River Runs Red

A hag known as the Swamp Witch lives in a marsh on the northwest shore of the Tuskwater. She consorts with demons and steals children, boiling them for stew in her magic cauldron.
Alex: We have met a strange woman within the swampy area. She appears to be a mostly anti-social person, but in speaking with her, she appears to be generally friendly. We agreed to place warning sticks around the perimeter of her home to warn of her presence.

Beware the mad hermit to the south. He speaks to beasts and lives in a hollow tree.
Alex: The mad hermit has been laid to rest and his beast set free. We laid him to rest near his home. It is sad that some people turn to evil deeds without provocation. Yet, I am not one to talk.

The Stag Lord has risen from the dead and now stalks the Greenbelt, gathering an army of ghostly bandits from an ancient crypt in the eastern Kamelands.

Some Gnome explorers came through several days ago, claiming they were here to map the entire Greenbelt, they were last seen heading up the Skunk River.
Alex: We helped some gnome explorers retrieve their wagon from the Skunk River. They were having difficulty crossing. After the assist, Lord Bartleby attempted to procure the troupes map of the Greenbelt for a reasonable price. However, the leader of the Gnome troupe was quite crafty, and this led to an unfortunate and heated exchange between the two leaders.

There’s an old ruin to the west built by elves long ago. Some say it’s full of treasure, but others say it’s haunted by angry spirits and worse.


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