Session 11

Session 11 — 10/8/2011

Erastus 1 to Desnus 30

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, questioning of the captured assassins revealed that Martin Sendelev, someone with a personal grudge against Bartleby, had hired the assassins. Clarissa, Martin’s wife, was one of the many visitors for the Founder’s Day celebration. A suspicious Bartleby confines her to the castle grounds and appoints a guard detail to ensure she stays on the castle grounds. Once the Baron and his council determine that they will try the assassins, they learn that the two prisoner’s have been poisoned.

After some administration, the rulers go on another expedition to finish mapping the rest of the Greenbelt. Their exploring is rather tame with only a drunk giant and a drake attacking them during their excursion. They do however complete their exploration of the lands laid out in their original charter.

Upon their return to Tuskwater on Arodus 1, an angry Clarissa demands to speak with Bartleby. After an argument Bartleby agrees to let her return to Restov.

On Arodus 10, a bard Grigori begins speaking in public to the citizens of Tuskwater against the rulers of the barony. Large crowds begin gathering and finally the party has to deal with him. While he attempts to taunt and deride them they do not take the bait and Bartleby ends up winning several debates with Grigori which finally results in Grigori leaving on Arodus 17. The rulers spend the next 9 months on administration and expansion of their barony.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 6 10/8/2011 800 0 350 1800 2950
Magdalena Vandrammel 6 10/8/2011 800 0 350 1800 2950
Bartelby Hungwell 6 10/8/2011 800 0 350 1800 2950
Lanis Gares 6 10/8/2011 800 0 350 1800 2950

Quests Completed: None
Kingdom XP: Kingdom Size of 10, Filled 3 City Squares

Experience Points

Session 11

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