Session 12

Session 12 — 10/15/2011

Sarenith 1, 4710 to Kuthona 6, 4710

Administration of their kingdom continued and in Sarenith 4710 Baron Bartleby became Duke Bartleby. Things seemed to be going smoothly for the the Duchy of Olau. In Arodus 4710 however, troll sightings began causing unrest in the kingdom. Attempts to find the trolls were thwarted when tracks led into swampy areas to the west and disappeared. The raids however were becoming more frequent and eventually Surak’s cabin was burned to the ground and the half-orc warden actually saw some of the trolls. (He was the first council member to actually see the trolls.) However attempts to track the trolls again met with futility.

As winter approached, the party took a side-trip to Restov on Neth 20. Lanis bought a few scrolls, Magda told a few fortunes and explored the city, Bartleby hung out at an inn and heard news of Martin Sendelev’s death in a duel 30 days earlier. Alex found a wizard who could mend the magical fey-bane bastardsword they had found in the wight’s barrow which was the primary reason they went to Restov. During this time an early blizzard had swept into the area and their trip back to Olau took an extra day. They were met in Olegton by Keston who informed them that the trolls had attacked the elves who had settled in the old elven fortress. Many were killed and some elves were captured and taken by the trolls. Surak had taken a small contingent of men to the elven castle to investigate.

The party rode hard to Tuskwater and then on into the Narlmarches stopping by the lizardmen’s island village. The party eventually found the remnants of Surak’s party and learned that Surak and some of his men were also captured by the trolls. After another half day of searching the party found the hidden trail that lead to the troll’s lair, an old Dwarven fortress, where they engaged the trolls and after many difficult battles defeated Hargulka and his troll minions. Magda was saved from the brink of death by Alex’s healing touch and Alex nearly died from a blow by Hargulka’s thundering morningstar. They were able to save Surak and an elven woman Rashanna from the troll’s larder. All the other prisoners had already been killed and decapitated. Only a mysterious druid who shifted into the form of an owl and a rock troll escaped the party’s wrath. No one in the party wants to hear the word troll ever mentioned again.

Upon the party’s return to Tuskwater on Neth 6, they were shocked to hear and see that an immense owlbear had attacked the city killing 26 people and destroying the Tradesman’s buildings and the Caster’s Tower. The parties swift actions saved 3 other buildings.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 6 10/15/2011 6000 400 0 800 7200
Magdalena Vandrammel 6 10/15/2011 6000 400 0 800 7200
Bartelby Hungwell 6 10/15/2011 6000 400 0 800 7200
Lanis Gares 6 10/15/2011 6000 400 0 800 7200

Quests Completed: Troll Slaying
Kingdom XP: Kingdom Size of 25

Everyone advanced to level 7. Hit points for 7th level are as follows:
Alex (d10) – 10
Magda (d8) – 7
Bartleby (d8) – 4
Lanis (d6) – 4

Experience Points

Session 12

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