Session 13

Session 13 — 10/22/2011

Kuthona 7, 4710 to Pharast 3, 4711

Tracking down the enraged owlbear the party found his lair where an epic battle ensued which involved violet fungus, a shambling mound hosting a centipede swarm, and the enraged owlbear. The party prevailed and another menace was eradicated. Using speak with the dead they questioned some bandit bodies they found in the owlbear’s lair. This questioning revealed that “the Lady” had hired the bandits. Their leader Errick was supposed to use the owlbear to wreck havoc upon the new Duchy of Olau.

When spring arrived the party went to Candlemere Island and attempted to explore and. clear the island. A strange and ancient tower was their first target on the island. After working through the thorny and twisted foliage of the island they made it to the tower where a sense of unease settled upon the party. Then a will-o-wisp attacked the party and then another. While they tried to get some rest another will-o-wisp approached. After Bartleby spoke with the will-o-wisp for awhile Bartleby ordered everyone back to the boat where the party sailed back to Tuskwater to plan and plot for their next trip to the island.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 7 10/22/2011 6900 0 0 0 6900
Magdalena Vandrammel 7 10/22/2011 6900 0 0 0 6900
Bartelby Hungwell 7 10/22/2011 6900 0 0 0 6900
Lanis Gares 7 10/22/2011 6900 0 0 0 6900

Quests Completed: None
Kingdom XP: None

Experience Points

Session 13

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