Session 16

Session 16 — 12/10/2011

Abadius 1, 4712 to Arodus 13, 4712

Winter passed and spring flew by. Bartleby and Nejima got to know each other. Surak told Alex that he “quit” as marshall. Rashanna and Lanis were also growing closer and Bartleby named Rashanna the new marshall. The duchy and Tuskwater were growing rapidly, commerce was a driving force, and the addition of a new quarter kept the party in Tuskwater for most of this time. The summer was almost over when troubles seemed to bubble to the surface though.

First, Edrest Nomeski came to the council to report that his brother was missing. He had been heading to Varhhold to work out a deal with the local gemcutter and hadn’t returned. Edrest hoped the party could send someone to Varnhold to find his brother.

Second, a missive from a Restov swordlord, urged the party to go investigate the lack of communications from Varnhold. The swordlord had not heard from Maegar Varn in weeks and while she could not check on the situation herself, she urged the party to find out what was going on.

Third, and most importantly, the normal monthly shipment of Cheerful Delver Stout from Varnhold had not arrived.

So the party set out for Varnhold and in a couple of days they arrived at Varnhold Pass to find the watch tower abandoned. The next day they made it to Varnhold and found all of the inhabitants of Varnhold had vanished. They only found a giant feral boar, several murders of crows, and some rat swarms in the village proper. They did find some clues however in the Waterhorse Inn including some books belonging to Maestro Pendrod and some belongings of Sunes in one of guest rooms. The words “NOMEN” scrawled on the door of the Waterhorse also seemed to be pointing the party to the centaur tribes of the Dunsward plains.

However, the frozen spriggan in the Waterhorse Inn and the dead spriggan in the city well also had the party guessing and when they discovered spriggans were occupying the fort on the hill they planned their assault.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 8 12/10/2011 1750 0 0 1200 2950
Magdalena Va ndrammel 8 12/10/2011 1750 0 0 1200 2950
Bartelby Hundeweil 8 12/10/2011 1750 0 0 1200 2950
Lanis Gares 8 12/10/2011 1750 0 0 1200 2950

Hexes Explored: None
Quests Completed: None
Kingdom XP: Reached Kingdom Size of 50 (4800 XP)

Hero Points Used: Magda used 1 Hero Point for a save against an eye rake

Experience Points

Session 16

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