Session 18

Session 18 — 12/17/2011

Arodus 13, 4712 to Arodus 26, 4712

After exploring the rest of the stockade the party buried the spriggans. After cleaning up the rat swarms in the grange the party set out for the plains of the Dunsward. Their only clue led them to seek out the Nomen centaurs. So they ventured onto the plains where they killed some manticores at a Nomen burial grounds, some giant trapdoor spiders in some fields east of Varnhold, and a very large bullette named Kakantera.

After killing the bullette, a scouting party of Nomen centaurs sought them out. After charging and circling the party they saw that the party was brave enough to not run. Alex and Bartleby parlayed with them and they seemed to know nothing of the Varnhold Vanishing. The centaurs, led by a female warrior named Danika, led the party to their main camp. There they were taken to meet the “Mother Moon”, the female leader of the Nomen centaurs named Aecora Silverfire.

She asked many of the same questions that Danika had asked of them but when Bartleby returned the legendary bow “Skybolt” to them, her demeaner softened. She was not able to offer much help but when Bartleby asked her about Vordekai she told him of their ancient charge to guard the “Valley of the Dead” and the supposed resting place of an ancient evil named “Vordekai.”

Before they could depart for the valley a soul eater attacked Lanis and almost robbed him of his soul. But Alex, Magda, and Bartleby each helped kill the dark being, although Alex’s smite was very effective. Before they left the centaur camp, Aecora pulled Bartleby aside and told him of her missing daughter, Xamanthe. She had been missing for several days after Aecora had told her to stay away from the Valley after she had told her that she had seen creatures moving about in the Valley.

The party was escorted to the Valley of the Dead by Danika Windrunner and her scouting party and passed the skeletal remains of a long dead crag linnorm and a herd of mastodon. Passing through the Valley of the Dead, the party discovered that it was an ancient graveyard of an ancient cyclops civilization. There were thousands of grave markers, most of them 6’ to 10’ high, each marked with dates and the names of cyclops dead for 10,000 years or more. After passing through the graveyard and passing the last gravestone they found a stair leading up into the mountains guarded by a dread zombie cyclops which Alex dispatched quickly due to his great love for the undead.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 8 12/17/2011 8000 3600 550 0 12150
Magdalena Va ndrammel 8 12/17/2011 8000 3600 550 0 12150
Bartelby Hundeweil 8 12/17/2011 8000 3600 550 0 12150
Lanis Gares 8 12/17/2011 8000 3600 550 0 12150

Hexes Explored: 22 Hexes in the Nomen Heights
Quests Completed: Wanted: Manticores, Wanted: Spidersilk, Skybolt
Kingdom XP: None

Hero Points Used: None

Everyone earned enough experience points to advance to 9th level. 9th Level Hit Points are shown below assuming you take a level in one of the classes shown below.

Alex – Paladin – 8 HP – 3 Hero Points
Bartleby – Bard/Rogue – 8 HP – 3 Hero Points
Lanis – Wizard – 3 HP – 3 Hero Points
Magda – Cleric – 6 HP – 3 Hero Points

Experience Points

Session 18

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