Temple of Erastil

The Temple of Erastil that the party found to fulfill Jhod Khavken’s quest, Temple of the Elk, is now tended to by Jhod Kavken and assisted by Akiros Ismart.

Jhod has also built a stone alter where the dead unicorn that the party found in the western end of the Narlmarches now rests. Jhod casts gentle repose on the unicorn’s body about twice a week. Many of the local farmers and hunters who worship Erastil often come to present offerings to the unicorn. They consider this an offering to Erastil made to procure the god’s favor for bountiful crops, agreeable weather, good hunting, and good health for themselves and their families.

Kingdom Building Benefit;
Hex 4-3
If the party builds a city in this hex, they can build a temple in the city at half the cost.


Temple of Erastil

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