Tuskwater is the capital city of the Duchy of Olau founded by the Greenbelt adventurers Bartelby Hungwell, Alexander Rosensphere, Lanis Gares, and Magdalena Vandrammel. The city was built on the northern shore of Lake Tuskwater and in its first year grew to a large town. The town’s Duke is the ruler of the city but each of the four adventurers received the right to rule by the swordlords of Restov. The city now spans almost two complete city districts.

NG large city

DEMOGRAPHICS (As of Calistril 4712)
Government: Overlord/Duke
Population: 16750
13250 humans, 2012 gnomes, 735 dwarves, 364 halflings, 276 half-elves, 88 elves, 25 kobolds

Notable PCs:

Duke Bartleby Hundiwell (male gnome)
General Alex Rosensphere (male aasimar)
Magister Lanis Gares (male elf)
Councilor Madgalena Vandrammel (female human)

Base Value: 13,200 GP; Purchase Limit: 40,000 GP; Casting Level: 5th


City Watch: 170 Level 1 Warriors report to Kesten Garess

Militia: General Alexander Rosensphere can raise a militia of about 200 Level 1 Warriors in a few hours or 800 Level 1 Warriors in a few days.



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