Session 14

Session 14 — 10/22/2011

Pharast 4, 4711 to Erastus 8, 4711

A return to Candlemere Island resulted in another setback for the party. While they easily slew several will-o-wisps, the sense of unease did not leave the party and with the number of will-o-wisps inhabiting the island unknown, the party left Candlemere Island again without victory. They did find an onyx rod with Ancient Aklo runes on it which Bartleby interpreted as “Master of Lightning”. They did circumnavigate the island this time and found 2 other beaches on the western side of the island. These beaches did not cause the sense of unease they had felt before so they concluded that the sense of unease must emanate from the ruined tower. Duke Bartleby proclaimed that the island was off-limits and adventurers, explorers, and fishermen should stay away from it. Over the next several months there were more reports of the strange lights not only from Candlemere Island but also from the coasts of the Lake Tuskwater near the island.

During Sarenith, the party was again restless and Bartleby had an urge to map the rest of the plains between the Tuskwater and the Tors of Levenies (the mountain range separating the Glenebon Uplands and the Dunsward.) During their exploration they took some time to visit the settlement of Varnhold. There they met some of the inhabitants including Willas Gunderson and Maegar Varn. Bartleby performed in the local tavern called the Waterhorse. They had a wonderful time meeting the settlers in the closest settlement.

In the early morning hours after the Second Founder’s Day (Saraneth 30, 4711), another disappearance was reported to the council by Kesten Garess and Lily Teskerton. A week earlier a noble woman from Restov, Serena Gendair, had apppealed to the council to look into the disappearance of her brother, Baltrune Gendair, who was last seen checking out from the Tuskwater Inn. A member of the watch had found a dented helm and a sword identified as belonging to a local mercenary/guard, Delvin Wainwright. The party followed the tracks which left the city heading west toward the forest following the river. At the forest’s edge the tracks disappeared but the party pushed on into the woods and found an abandoned farmhouse and barn. In the barn, they found Auchs (the slow-witted one who had previously been in the Stag Lord’s gang), Nugrah the Decrepit (the cruel father of the Stag Lord who had been relegated to gang healer and imprisoned in the cellar of the old fort), and Stisshak (the powerful will-o-wisp who had tricked the lizard-folk to believe he was the spirit of their ancestors). The macabre scene they found in the barn revealed 11 victims draped in gold cloth and faces painted gold to make them dead “toys” of Auchs who was having one of his “toys” beating the near-dead Delvin. The party defeated the murderous villians and brought Auchs back to Tuskwater. Justice was delivered with Auch’s public beheading.

All of the victims turned out to be loners and in many cases individuals with little or no family all of which had checked out of the Tuskwater Inn with intentions of leaving Tuskwater.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 7 11/25/2011 2450 0 375 0 2825
Magdalena Vandrammel 7 11/25/2011 2450 0 375 0 2825
Bartelby Hungwell 7 11/25/2011 2450 0 375 0 2825
Lanis Gares 7 11/25/2011 2450 0 375 0 2825

Hexes Explored: 15
Quests Completed: None
Kingdom XP: None
Hero Points Used: Bartleby 1 Hero Point

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Session 14

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