Session 15

Session 15 — 11/26/2011

Pharast 4, 4711 to Kuthona 31, 4711

During Erastus and Arodus the party resumed their exploration of the hills to the east. They encountered some mudmen, went silver eel fishing (which proved more difficult than many of the great combats the party encountered), defeated a roc and stole one of its eggs, defeated a giant fly trap which almost ate both Bartleby and Alex.

Things were going well with the new duchy. Trade was good. Tuskwater was growing. A shipment of Cheerful Delver Stout was arriving from Varnhold on a monthly basis during all but the most severe winter months. Only a spat between Magda and Willas Gunderson from Varnhold seemed to mar the party’s happiness.

Then on Lamashan 20, Minniwen Hundiwell, Bartleby’s mother, and his Aunt Eugenie arrived unexpectedly at Castle Tuskwater. Bartleby’s mother had learned of Bartleby’s success and felt it was time that Bartleby was married. She had already sent missive to the best gnomish houses and posted flyers throughout Port Ice, Stetven, and Restov. Bartleby agreed to allow his mother to help with said proceedings.

In all 77 potential brides arrived and weeks of “meetings” and chaperoned “dates” occurred which resulted in the 7 finalists competing for a proposal of marriage from Bartleby.

Nejima Silverwick

Bartleby made the difficult decision and selected Nejima Silverwick, a Gnomish aristocrat/bard from a noble family from Ice Port. The two of them were wed in a grand ceremony in a newly built Cathedral of Shelyn on Kuthona 31.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 7 11/26/2011 5400 2400 250 3200 11250
Magdalena Vandrammel 7 11/26/2011 5400 2400 250 3200 11250
Bartelby Hundeweil 7 11/26/2011 5400 2400 250 3200 11250
Lanis Gares 7 11/26/2011 5400 2400 250 3200 11250

Hexes Explored: 10 (1000 XP)
Quests Completed: The Omelet King, Mmmm … Eels (9600 XP)
Kingdom XP: Filling an Entire City (12800 XP)

Hero Points Used: Magda used 1 Hero Point

Everyone advanced to 8th Level. 8th Level Hit Points are shown below assuming you take a level in one of the classes shown below.
Alex – Paladin – 8 HP – 2 Hero Points
Bartleby – Bard/Rogue – 8 HP – 3 Hero Points
Lanis – Wizard – 6 HP – 3 Hero Points
Magda – Cleric – 8 HP – 3 Hero Points

Experience Points

Session 15

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