Session 21

Session 21 — 06/23/2012

Arodus 26, 4712 to Rova 6, 4712

The party returned to Varnhold to find some militia forces from Tuskwater present led by Kesten Garess. Some other townfolk had also come as well as some of the council members with the rest enroute. The party freed the remaining 41 citizens from their soul jars and then Bartleby discussed the possibility of annexation with them.

Also present was a dwarven cleric of Abadar, Faldo Vaultkeeper, along with a small retinue of acolytes and guards. The party met with the many individuals who they had items for and exchanged those items for their prizes. Soon afterwards, an Elven cleric of Erastil showed up and informed the party of a wraith problem. For the last several weeks, undead skeletons and zombies had been seen frequently in the streets of Tuskwater and many citizens (approximately 48) had been killed by a wraith.

Before the council could commence guards bearing a stretcher arrived in town. Mik Mek was on the stretcher and the guards related how their party had been attacked by brigands. Nejima, Oleg, and Lily had been taken. The party went to the sight of the attack, taking Rashanna with them. Rashanna was easily able to pick up the tracks and they headed towards Varnhold and then before reaching Varnhold headed south. However, a messenger from Varnhold beckoned the party back to the town.

Isabella had arrived with a young scholar named Roric. They both had some news. The wraith who had been in Tuskwater was Arkanan (per Roric) and he and is undead wraith spawn awaited Alex at the Ghoststone (per Isabella). The party along with Rashanna returned to the tracks and followed them to the Ghoststone. There an epic battle in a maze ensued and the party eventually prevailed. (Although the maze, puzzle, and large number of wraiths was a boring, frustrating encounter.) Approximately 40 wraith-spawn became wraiths and fled the area.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 9 06/23/2012 7500 4800 0 0 12300
Magdalena Vandrammel 9 06/23/2012 7500 4800 0 0 12300
Bartelby Hundeweil 9 06/23/2012 7500 4800 0 0 12300
Lanis Gares 9 06/23/2012 7500 4800 0 0 12300
Taybor 7 06/23/2012 5833 3733 0 0 9566

Hexes Explored: None
Quests Completed: Rescuing Xamanthe, The Nomen Problem, A Missing Professor, Forgotten History,
Kingdom XP: None

Hero Points Used: Alex (1)

Alex – 3 Hero Points -1 +1 Hero Point for Level Advancement = 3
Bartleby – 0 Hero Points +1 = 1
Lanis – 2 Hero Points +1 = 3
Magda – 2 Hero Points +1 = 3

Experience Points

Session 21

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