Session 22

Session 22 — 6/30/2012

Rova 6, 4712 to Pharast 17, 4714

The party spent the next year and a few months building their kingdom and exploring the rest of the Nomen Heights. They cleaned up the wraith problem and in Pharast 4713 they were also able to clear Candlemere Island of the will-o-wisp problem and hallow the tower which removed the unease that everyone that went to the island felt. Thus the island was now available for the building of a mage tower.

In Kuthona 4712, Bartelby was crowned King of Olau.

On Pharast 1, 4714 the party headed to the small town of Tatzleford, founded by Loy Rezbin and Latricia Evenore. Loy wanted to bend his knee to the powers of Olau and bring the village and the territory that they had claimed within the folds of Olau via annexation. Before they arrived they received news of an imminent attack on the village.

They arrived in the village and met with the local captain and then Loy. Loy had Kisandra Numesti brought before them. The young aristocrat dressed in military garb and slightly disheveled told the party her story and about the attacking force. They were led by Ameon Trask, the right-hand of Baron Hannis Drelev, the founder of a small barony on Lake Hooktongue. 25 men-at-arms, 10 Tiger Lord barbarians, and 6 immense trolls were on their way to attack the village of Tatzlford.

The party began seeing to the defenses of the city and the citizens of Tatzlford pitched in creating barricades and digging ditches. The next day the attack came and a pitched battle ensued. The party had to deal with the six immense trolls and defeated them quickly. The battle was won but Ameon Trask escaped. A few lives were lost but almost no damage was done to the village. The party’s magic and skill in battle won the day.

The council meetings in Pharast spent much of their time determining how to deal with this new threat.

  1. Rashanna mustered her marshall forces and some additional elves to patrol the western border of the kingdom.
  2. Lily was to organize some spying missions to Fort Drelev and find out how much of a threat the Baron posed.
  3. City construction of walls were ordered.
  4. The militia was put on alert and training drills were ordered.

The party wanted to go to Fort Drelev to free Katrina’s father or to take on the Tiger Lords to free her sister Tamary, but the council members urged the party to take precautions, do some scouting and spying, and take care of other threats.

The party then began exploring the southeast corner of the Slough region. There had been problems reported in that area that needed to be resolved.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 10 6/30/2012 9050 0 525 3200 12775
Magdalena Vandrammel 10 6/30/2012 9050 0 525 3200 12775
Bartelby Hundeweil 10 6/30/2012 9050 0 525 3200 12775
Lanis Gares 10 6/30/2012 9050 0 525 3200 12775
Taybor 8 6/30/2012 7240 0 420 2560 10220

Hexes Explored: 21
Quests Completed: None
Kingdom XP: 12,800 (Kingdom size of 100 reached.)

Hero Points Used: None

Alex – 3 Hero Points
Bartleby – 1 Hero Point
Lanis – 2 Hero Points
Magda – 2 Hero Points

Experience Points

Session 22

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