Session 25

Session 25 — 7/14/2012

Sarenith 30, 4714 to Erastus 7, 4714

The party gained some intelligence on Fort Drelev and ventured their to infiltrate the city and begin its liberation. With Bartleby disguised as a halfling, he, Magda and Taybor entered the city. Bartleby’s way with people and Magda’s rapport with the less reputable guards gained them entrance into the city. They claimed to be adventurers come to slay the smilodon Speartooth. Bartleby, posing as the halfling Kip, and Taybor chose some female companionship from Satinder’s brothel but Bartleby chose Satinder after presenting Kisandra’s ring and a flower. Bartleby won Satinder’s confidence and after being shown some secret rooms in the Velvet Corner’s basement, Magda and Bartleby left town to slay Speartooth leaving Taybor behind.

They found Speartooth and slew him fairly easily although Alex was left with a few choice scars. Alex took the smilodon’s hide for himself and Bartleby took the 22-inch teeth into town. He told the guards at the gate that Magda had died and a couple of the guards, including one named Crog, decided it was worth the risk to “arrest” the halfling Kip and take the tusks so that they could claim the reward. Bartleby however blinded Crog and intimidated the other guard and proceeded to the Velvet Corner intact. Meanwhile Magda teleported Alex and Lanis to the secret basement.

Ameon Trask showed up later that evening and gave Bartleby 4000 gp for the tusks (only 1/2 of the advertised price) claiming that the rest was needed to cure Crog of his blindness. Ameon also warned Kip the halfling that he ought to leave Fort Drelev as soon as he could. “Accidents” were prone to happen to people with extra gold in town. Bartleby assured Ameon that after enjoying Satinder’s pleasures he would be out of town.

Satinder had told the party of a secret tunnel that lead into Fort Drelev and the next day the party left town. Bartleby walked out but the rest of the party left invisible. They then found the tunnel and started their liberation efforts. They defeated a couple of black puddings but were stuck by several locked doors. Under gaseous form, Bartleby was able to do some reconnaisance into those rooms and rob Baron Drelev’s secret vault, wine cellar, and treasure vault. He also found the dungeon cells and someone who could have been Terrion Numesti. With the locked doors standing in their way they retreated to a cave along the secret tunnel and slept. Lanis would be memorizing some knock spells the next morning.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 11 7/14/2012 6600 3200 0 0 9800
Magdalena Vandrammel 11 7/14/2012 6600 3200 0 0 9800
Bartelby Hundeweil 11 7/14/2012 6600 3200 0 0 9800
Lanis Gares 11 7/14/2012 6600 3200 0 0 9800
Taybor 9 7/14/2012 5400 2618 0 0 8018

Hexes Explored: 0
Quests Completed: Wanted – Speartooth
Kingdom XP: None
Hero Points Used: None

Alex – 3 Hero Points
Bartleby – 2 Hero Points
Lanis – 3 Hero Points
Magda – 2 Hero Points

Experience Points

Session 25

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