Session 26

Session 26 — 9/8/2012

Erastus 8, 4714

The party, with some knock spells prepared, ventured back into the dungeon of Baron Drelev’s castle. Immediately they were set upon by Drelev guards in the prison cell area. An alarm was raised and the party knew they were in for a fight. They defeated the first group of guards who for some reason thought that the intruders were vampires. They then freed Terrion Numesti, gave him his gear, and he insisted on joining them in their fight against the Baron.

When they reached the foyer on the first floor another fight ensued which was quickly won alhtough it spilled into the courtyard outside the main keep. There hill giants and archers joined the fray. A blade barrier from Magda blocked the hill giants for a moment and a fireball took care of the archers and as everyone spilled into the courtyard, they were surprised by a fireball which exploded in their midst. As they retreated back into the keep, a wall of fire blocked the retreat for some of the party but eventually that was overcome as well.

Eventually Alex and Taybor found the source of the magic energy that was blasting them as a lightning bolt struck them both. Magda returned to the courtyard and cast Air Walk on Alex and fly on himself. They and Lanis then pursued the wizard to the third floor balcony where an empowered lightning bolt rocked Alex. The wizard eventually threw up a wall of force as he appeared ready to retreat but Magda’s dimensional hop got Lanis, Alex, and Magdo through the wall where Alex finished off the wizard, Imeckus Stroon, with one final blow.

The separated members of the party meanwhile had headed on up to the second floor and encountered another group of guards along with Ameon Trask in the banquet room. Ameon used his elemental gems to summon to large elementals but the guards were no match for the party. Taybor almost singlehandedly defeated the two elementals and Ameon.

The party rejoined and then proceeded to the fourth floor to take care of the Baron. They first enountered the Baroness and her guards. Magda was exceedingly awesome (?) as she cast Boneshatter on the Baroness and slayed one of the guards with Slay Living. Alex also was extremely powerful kicking Jewel, the baroness’s dog into a corner. The party then heard the singing of a bard on that floor and the Baron and two more guards entered the fray. The fight did not go well however after one of the guards was blinded and a celestial dire lion summoned by Magda cut off any possible retreat of the Baron. The singing then stopped as the Baron surrendered only to be knocked out by Alex with a stinging blow from his sword (gauntlet?).

The battle was won and the keep secured but they found no sign of the singing woman who seemed to be inspiring courage and greatness for the Baron and his men.

Character Name CL Game Date Combat Quest Explore Kingdom Total XP
Alexander Rosensphere 11 9/8/2012 24625 0 0 0 24625
Magdalena Vandrammel 11 9/8/2012 24624 0 0 0 24625
Bartelby Hundeweil 11 9/8/2012 24625 0 0 0 24625
Lanis Gares 11 9/8/2012 24625 0 0 0 24625
Taybor 9 9/8/2012 16764 0 0 0 16764

Hexes Explored: 0
Quests Completed: Tripartate Quest – Kisandra’s Plea – Rescued Lord Terrion Numesti – No XP earned until all three parts are completed.
Kingdom XP: None
Hero Points Used: None

Alex – 3 Hero Points
Bartleby – 2 Hero Points
Lanis – 3 Hero Points
Magda – 2 Hero Points

Experience Points

Session 26

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